Trends in HIV/AIDS

Editorial Panel

Nita Mawar
National AIDS Research Institute (ICMR)
Gauri Bhattacharya
School of Social Work
College of Public Service
Jackson State University

BiographyProfessor Gauri Bhattacharya�s research focuses on achieving health equity in the areas of health care access and utilization, and health care outcomes. Her current health service research centers on two critical issues: first, how to sustain self-management practices of chronic illnesses and enhance quality of life, and second, how to effectively integrate the trajectories of health care use, and health care outcomes in a community�s socio- cultural and environmental contexts. Her ongoing community-based study on living well with type 2 diabetes chronic illness among African Americans in Mississippi Delta is designed to develop interventions in the contexts and circumstances within which individuals live and manage T2D. Her study findings on acculturative stress and health behaviors among South Asian immigrants in New York City have contributed to development of health promotion and risk prevention services. She is often invited as a reviewer/panelist by National Institutes of Health grant proposal review committees. Dr. Bhattacharya has a multidisciplinary education and background in social work, economics, and public health. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has extensive clinical practice experience, particularly with substance abusing adolescents and families. Dr. Bhattacharya is on editorial board of several reputed journals. She has published extensively in peer reviewed national and international journals, such as Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Journal of Social Services Research, AIDS Education and Prevention, AIDS & Public Policy Journal, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Journal of Family Social Work, Health Education & Behavior, and Journal of Gerontological Social Work. She presents papers in national and international multidisciplinary conferences. Dr. Bhattacharya is a Professor, School of Social Work, Ph.D. program in Jackson State University, Mississippi, USA. 
Shivaji Jadhav

Scientist C in MESA ICEMR- NIH Project at National Malaria Research Institute, (ICMR) field Unit Panaji, Goa


I have earned my in Biochemistry on Research topic entitled �Study of HIV Viral Variants in Blood and Urogenital Secretions and their Association with Pathogenesis of HIV� under the Guidance of Dr Atmaram H Bandivdekar Deputy Director NIRRH, (Indian Council of Medical Research) Mumbai, India. My area of expertise includes Molecular biology, Virology , Immunology and Infectious diseases, I have involved in establishing molecular virology laboratory at our institute  and I have awarded with many International awards and Scholarships and I have been awarded with Prestigious Fogarty Short-term International HIV/AIDS Training Programme (ATRIP) at Miriam/Brown University USA to work under the guidance of  Dr Deborah Anderson [Boston University School of Medicine] Dr Kenneth H Mayer, Brown University and also worked with Dr Manish Sagar  Harvard Medical School ,USA,


During Ph.D. days, I was successfully awarded with many International Young Scientist /Travels awards to present my work at International Scientific meetings which includes ,Keystone Global Health Travel  award, (Bangkok, 2008) International AIDS Society Conference (Sydney 2007), Microbicide Conference (Pittsburgh, 2010 ) HIV Vaccine, (Georgia, Atlanta,2010) Keystone Symposium (Colorado, 2012)  HIV Dynamics  (Utrecht University, Netherlands 2013) HIV Vaccine ,(Rio De Janeior , Brazil, 2013) .. Seattle Washington. 2014, Mahidol Vivax Research Center, Bangkok, Thailand (2016).


I have more than ten years of experience in microbiology and Virology and Infectious diseases after my masters in biotechnology and also have teaching experience to masters and PhD Scholars, In addition to my years of long scientific experience with biochemistry, Immunology and molecular biological techniques, I take secondary interest in futurology of science, scientific blog & Nature network participating and contributing in editing and watch over science articles in Wikipedia and so on. I enjoy an optimistic and goal oriented life and gets intermingled to any environment keeping high morale and ethics.

Ruchan Yazan Sertoz
Ege University Medical School Department of Clinical Microbiology Bornova İzmir Turkey
Tomasz Rozmyslowicz
Research Investigator, Hospital of Infectious Diseases, AIDS Diagnosis and Therapy Center Warsaw, Poland
Research InterestDuring the early phase of my training I completed Medical School in Warsaw, Poland, where I earned a M.D., and was subsequently admitted to the residency program in Medicine and then fellowship in Hematology at the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Warsaw (IH&T), Poland. During my residency I was admitted to the Ph.D. program, and after completion of all requirements, I earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Hematology. I have been practicing as a hematologist for 13 years, with expertise in leukemia and bone marrow transplantation, and also acting as a head of clinical trials programs in my institution. As a resident in Medicine and then fellow in Hematology, I have became fascinated with clinical problems that relate to HIV-1 infection and AIDS from the very beginning of its appearance in my country. For years as a physician (finally as a Vice-chairman, and Director of Bone Marrow Transplantation Program, Department of Internal Medicine, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion) and also a scientist, I was dealing with a large population of Polish HIV-1 infected hemophiliacs. The next important phase of my training was a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia what afforded me a long awaited opportunity to work with HIV related basic research. I studied the pathology of HIV-1 infection within the thymus. Subsequently, I established a very fruitful collaboration with the School of Biomedical Engineering, Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and my interest in Bio-Nano-Sensors (BNS) area and HIV diagnostic techniques. My goal was to carefully study HIV detection with BNS technology using a large repertoire of modern methods of basic science, from which I intend to acquire all necessary data and then relate my findings to clinical practices � point of care testing device. After working in the basis research laboratory for many years and establishing numerous collaborations, as well as obtaining some encouraging data, I believe I possess the necessary tools to provide medical and scientific support within the hematology therapeutic area. I will contribute to clinical development plans and specifically clinical research/clinical trials programs including clinical safety. My former clinical experience may play an important role in these determinations.
Papa Gallo Sow
Universite Alioune Diop de Bambey, Bambey,Senegal
Antonella Mandas
Professor of Internal Medicine II Department of Medical Sciences internistic University Hospital