Trends in HIV/AIDS

Aims and Scope

Trends in HIV/AIDS is a peer reviewed Open Access journal that aims to publish original, unpublished manuscripts in all areas of research in HIV/AIDS and deals with the latest outstanding developments in the Spread, Resistance, Prevention, Management and treatment of AIDS and HIV infections. It encourages submissions from all authors throughout the world.

Research in HIV/AIDS provides a forum for Classification:

AIDS Defining Clinical Condition

AIDS Dementia Complex

Alternative Medicine

Antiviral Therapy

CDC Classification System for HIV Infection

Circumcision and HIV

Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS

Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS

Gay Bowel Syndrome

History of HIV/AIDS

HIV Disease Progression Rates

HIV Drug Resistance Database

HIV Superinfection

HIV/AIDS Research

HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy

HIV-Associated Nephropathy

HIV-Associated Pruritus

Management of HIV/AIDS

Opportunistic Infections

Prevention of HIV/AIDS

Sex Education

Signs and symptoms

Structure and Genome of HIV

Subtypes of HIV

Super AIDS

Tuberculosis Coinfection