Insights in nutrition and dietetics

About The Journal

Insights in nutrition and dietetics is a peer reviewed open access journal that provides new insights by fostering and enhancing research in basic Nutritional Sciences, Food Science,  Dietetics, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Community and Public Health Nutrition.

                The purpose of Insights in nutrition and dietetics journal is to publish original research studies relevant to human and clinical nutrition. Well-controlled clinical studies that describe scientific mechanisms, efficacy, and safety of dietary interventions in the context of disease prevention or a health benefit will be considered. Public health and epidemiologic studies relevant to human nutrition, and innovative investigations of nutritional questions that employ epigenetic, genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic approaches are encouraged.

                The areas of thrust include all aspects of experimental nutrition, commentaries, nutritional status, psychology of eating behavior, food choice, the sociology of food intake, health promotion, public health nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, dietary surveys, nutritional requirements, body composition and weight management, obesity, clinical nutrition and the practice of therapeutic dietetics. The journal welcomes quantitative and qualitative human studies, high quality clinical trials, validation studies and systematic reviews.