Insights in Cancer Research

Aims and Scope

Insights in Cancer Research regularly invites Research paper, Short research communication, Review, Hypothesis, Method and protocol, New instruments and regimens, Letter to the editor, etc. on topics of current interest from international authorities. Insights in Cancer Research aims at rapid publication of high quality results in cancer research while maintaining rigorous peer-review process.

Insights in Cancer Research concentrate on following major fields:

Advances in Cancer Detection and Prevention

Anti-Cancer Drugs

Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery and Development

Cancer Biology

Cancer Biomarkers

Cancer Cells

Cancer Clinical Research

Cancer Early Detection

Cancer Epidemiology

Cancer Genetics

Cancer immunotherapy

Cancer Pathophysiology

Cancer Risks

Carcinogenic Viruses

Causes of Cancer

Clinical studies


Existing Anticancer Agents

Genetics and genomics

Molecular diagnostics



Radiation and surgery

Side Effects of Cancer Therapies

Translational therapeutics

Types of Cancer