Theme: Health Management at its best

About Conference

Excelytics Conferences Group is overwhelmed to announce the commencement of our first International Conference on Nursing, Healthcare and Disease Management (NHDM 2017) during November 2017 in Dubai, UAE. The conference will be based on the theme ' Health Management at its best'. Excelytics Conferences Group is a part of Excelytics Publishers, an International open access publishing group that publishes journals in the field of Science, Arts, Management and Technology.

The NHDM 2017 Conference is a platform for nursing students, faculty, deans, researchers, and leaders to collaborate on related topics.

NHDM 2017 Conference attendees can:

  • Take advantage of opportunities to learn about Nursing Care Conference from a variety of oral and poster presentations.
  • Convene and network with nursing community ranging from students to deans, faculty, researchers, nurses, healthcare professionals and people from varied pharmaceutical backgrounds.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with Nursing research experts from around the world.
  • Attend prominent plenary sessions about relevant issues affecting health management.
This conference will be an encouraging and educating experience for anyone who are involved in the delivery, advancement and organization of nursing, midwifery and healthcare programs at various levels, as well as those who actively engage in disease management activities and participate in educational programs

Scientific Sessions

Submit Abstract We request you to submit a brief idea or abstract of your talk/presentation/symposium/workshop according to your session interest
  • Science of Nursing
  • Nursing Skills and Techniques
  • Quality and Safety of Nursing Care
  • Advanced Nursing Care
  • Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Critical Care Pediatric Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Enterostomal Therapy Nursing
  • Gastroenterology Nursing
  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Hospice Palliative Care Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Nephrology Nursing
  • Neuroscience Nursing
  • Occupational Health Nursing
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Orthopedic Nursing
  • Peri-anesthesia Nursing
  • Peri-natal Nursing
  • Peri-operative Nursing
  • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
  • Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Women health nursing
  • Women's reproductive nursing and care
  • Midwifery care: Labor, Birth and New born
  • Ambulatory care for women
  • Midwifery Classes Onlineā€Ž
  • General surgery and its specialties
  • Plastic surgery
  • Ophthalmic surgery
  • Oral surgery
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Obestric and gynaecology surgery
  • Transplant surgery
  • Latest innovations in surgery
  • Global health care System
  • Nursing surveys and case studies
  • Nursing Work Index
  • Nurse's participation in shaping health policies
  • Health and nutrition
  • Health infections and chronic diseases
  • Healthcare: Informatics, Innovation and Management
  • Healthcare Statistical research
  • Health care administration and regulation
  • Digital technologies in health care
  • Health care:Industry, Research and Financing opportunities
  • Techniques for addressing sustainable food and energy challenges
  • Disease modeling techniques
  • Drug discovery, trials and development
  • Novel therapeutic techniques
  • Understanding of challenging diseases, epidemics and their management
  • New imaging techniques and rapid diagnostics systems
  • Management practices, operations and Logistics innovations for health and pharma industry
  • Medical tourism
  • Green and sustainable hospitals and rehabilitation centers
  • Effective public health and sanitation models
  • Alternative medicine and therapies
  • Affordable medical care systems and estimation of economic impact on end-users
  • Novel rehabilitation techniques

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